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What is gymnastics abdominal hipopresiva (GAH)?

It is an ordered set of rhythmic postural exercises. Was originally conceived in the context os post-partum prevention in order to benefit the abdominal muscles without harming the pelvis floor, but currently its use is widespread in the amount of benefits provided.

On the one hand this postural techniques are based on th conservation of a particular posture for some time and on the other hand made a modification to the bodys general posture. These techniques cause an inmediate drop in intra-abdominal and intra-thoracic pressure, wich causes a reflex actvation of the peñvis floor and abdominal muscles.

How is it performed?

All exercises are perfomed in expiratory apnea to help thoracic diaphragm.

Details to consider
  • Practice gymnastics produce enough free radicals that´s why hipotoxic diet is recomended (rich in antioxidants).
  • Lost enought liquid so it is important to re-hydrate after the session.
  • Risk of increased diastolic blood pressure, be carefoul with people who have hypertension.
  • Uterine contractions are activated, so it is not recommended during pregnancy (can be used to induce labor).
  • May cause hormonal and inmune regulatory effects with therapeutic results on some dysfunctions.
  • Normalizes tensions on striated muscles, toning up pelvic floor, abdominal muscles and improves bodys postural balance.
  • It is a good preventive tool for all hernia types because it decreases the intra-abdominal pressure.

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