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The human being is q "whole" and trying to treat a sympton without considering the global has no sense. Osteopathy beholds the whole patient because a disfunction at any level can affect the entire body. The aim is not to make a symptomatic treatment, but a causal one, looking to increase bodys self-healing capacity.

Patients medical history, postural evaluation, palpation and mobility test are taken into account during the diagnosis.

The treatment is done through gentle manipulation, used to relieve pain, restore function and that way promote health and wellness. Different painless techniques (structural, functional and fascial) are used in order to restore bodys balance.

This is a perfect complement not only for injury but for those with a healthy lifestyle. Through manipulation, stretching, myofascial release and other techniques, future injuries are prevented and provides an optimal physical condition.


It is the part that deals with biomechanical, structural, functional imbalances, and especially musculoeskeletal system disorders, and the posture.

It is based on the diagnosis and treatment palpating spine and peripheral structures mobility. The goal is to relax soft tissue (muscle, ligament, tendon) and expand joint motion.

It is well tolerated and devoid of adverse effects, being a natural technique and restores bodys biomechanical balance.


Craniosacral osteopathy deals with problems related to skull and jawbone, meninges movement and intracraneal blood circulation. They are all related to central nervous system and autonomic nervous system, as on the posture.

Skull has its own movement, of very little amplitude and regular rythm. If this is changes, will lead to disease states that influence the rest of the body. The osteopath may perceive these movements and make the necessary corrections.

It is very effective during stress, especially fo its relaxing action. Cranial techniques are also used with children and babies, especialiy when they have suffered hard labors.


It is the treatment of internal organs, improving function. During visceral manipulation restricted movement is restored through gentle and small movements/pressure.

Each organ has its own movement. If this is changed body needs help to restore it properly.

Visceral osteopathy solves spasm, release tension, breaks adhesion caused by scars and restores elasticity allowing good microcirculation.

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