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Colics, diarrhea, constipation, gastroesophagical reflex, congenital torticollis, bronchiolitis, sleep disturbances, irritability, asthma, allergies, hyperactivity... These are just some of many problems that cranio-sacral osteopathy prevents.

Gentle manual techniques feel what happens in babys body and wich parts may be restricted, restoring mobility and eliminating stress.

It is preventive as a curative technique, so is advisable to go un the first 6 months of life in order to detect possible imbalance. However, the treatment may be used at any age.

In certain cases is particularly advisable a first osteopathic consultation. Including twin pregnancies, cesarean, breech birth, forceps, cupping glass, premature the high rate of babies suffering injuries during these situations.

Why wait and not treat the little ones ?

From birth future illnesses can be prevented through cranio-sacral osteopathy. This is based on very delicate movements in wich practitioners hands "listen" to different parts of childs body, making corrections with identical softness.

From birth to puberty different structures are in formation and consolidation process, with a high correction capacity. It is at this moment when osteopathy can bring definitive improvements.

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