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Physiotherapy is based on a set of physical therapies (heat, cold, electroterapy...) and manual therapies that aim t prevent and treat various injuries that can occur throughout our lives.

The treatment offered at our center has a global vision (bio-psycho-social) as the 3 dimensions are closely related; and therefore it is necessary to treat the entre set for optimal health.

The main discipline we work is massage:

  • Descontracting , when muscle is overloaded by excess or poor posture.
  • Sports, after efforts o precompetition.
  • Desfibrosing, prevents fibrosis and treats all types of scors.
  • Relaxing, in order to release tension and relax body/mind.

In cases of prlonged immobilization, either by surgery or illness, we propose rehabilitation based on both active and passive mobilizations to restore function, flexibility and muscle tone required for a good life quality. All the work always adapted to the age, sex and physical condition of the patient.

And, who is not more than 7 hours on the some position every day?...This leads the shortening of different muscle chains, wich can awake much pain as movement limitation. By streching and postural reeducation we can take awareness of body itself and thereby balance the system.

Streching aims to win flexibility and elasticity.

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